About Us

SFASoft is the company behind this application and it is our mission is to improve the lives of engineers by providing a valuable system of calculations, data analysis tools and web services, with the purpose of maximizing engineering project delivery and helping the facilitation of problem solving.

Code named Sparky, this project began as a few simple forms, and has unfolded into a robust engineering application. This project has been a labor of love devoted to making this a truly useful online engineering application.

This site is geared toward electrical engineers. Please visit our sister site, Pump Calcs, for pump engineering calculations.

We are always looking to improve our service, and we welcome any feedback. Thank you for your interest in this application. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at info@sfasoft.com. We hope you find this resource valuable, and if so, we would love to hear how it has helped you.